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Founded in 2008, Dias Real Estate Academy is an approved real estate continuing education provider in Washington, District of Columbia, and an approved private career school in the state of Maryland. The Owner, Kurt Dias has been involved in real estate since 1992 and has been a mortgage originator since 2003.  The Director, Marie Dias, has been a licensed real estate broker since 1977, and has been an instructor since 2001.

The Academy has received approval from the Washington, District of Columbia  Real Estate  Commission to teach Continuing Education for real estate licensees.  The Commission has approved the courses and the instructors.

The Academy has received approval from the Maryland Higher Education Commission to operate as a Private Career School and to provide the Maryland "Real Estate Salesperson 60-Hour Pre-licensing Program". The curriculum and the instructors have been approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission and the Maryland Real Estate Commission.

The Academy has also received approval from the Maryland Real Estate Commission to teach the 135-hour pre-licensing program for real estate brokers - Maryland "Real Estate Principles & Practices for Brokers".


The Academy is seeking approval from the following regulatory agencies:

the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry for approval to teach Pre-licensing Education for mortgage originators; and, Continuing Education for mortgage brokers and mortgage originators; and,

the Virginia Real Estate Board  for approval to teach Continung Education for real estate licensees.